PREVIOUSLY LOCATED in the Republic of Vanuatu, previously known as The New Hebrides. A beautiful archipelago located between the Coral Sea and South Pacific Ocean, north of New Caledonia, west of Fiji and south of the Solomon Islands.

NOW LOCATED on the 'Island of the Gods', Bali, Indonesia. We have now opened our new head office, with a large street level retail boutique and in-house manufacturing in an upstairs loft design studio. Located in the popular hub of the Seminyak region of the coastal lowlands.

FOUNDED by Australian, Melbourne Designer, Linda Mackay. Credited with seven years full-time studies at DDIAE School of the Arts (Toowoomba), Mt Gravatt College of TAFE (Brisbane), and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology RMIT (Melbourne). High Distinction qualifications in Fashion Design, Garment Production, Textile Design, Printmaking, Event Design, Retail and Exhibition Design, Photography, Visual Merchandising and Product Branding.

AWARDS for Resort Wear - RAQ Fashion Awards (Queensland), Sunshine Coast Fashion Awards and Far North Queensland Fashion Awards.

THIS STORY BEGAN in 1991 with a period designing a pure linen collection of Resort Wear for travellers to the tropical region of Far North Queensland, Australia. Returning to Melbourne after five years to further studies, and later returning to work in Fashion, Theatre and Events. Twenty-two years on, in August of 2012, returning to Vanuatu where she had spent part of her childhood, to restart a pure linen collection in a tiny ten square metre boutique in the centre of town.

Since those early days, the original concept has changed from one of multiple designs, to offering a limited collection of loose relaxed shirts, shorts, pants, tops and dress styles. Garments to form the foundation of your wardrobe.

Since the beginning, we have produced the same classic Drawstring Lounge Pant as one of our staple items with slight modifications. That collection grew to contain 30 different colours and will forever remain in stock.

To this very day, we still hold the same PHILOSOPHYthat ‘Whatever you do, do well’ and we strive to achieve that, to the best of our ability.

OUR BALI ISLAND STUDIO is where the collection is now designed, sampled, tested and where the garment manufacturing takes place. All are welcome and we hope it will be a memorable shopping experience.

DAY-TO-DAY IN BALI Most mornings we are greeted with a beautiful tropical day. A warm sun shining on the azure coloured waters of the open sea stretching out from Bali, to the northern shores of Australia. Each day as we make our journey into the popular tourist region of Seminyak we are greeted with the usual smiling faces of the local people which has earned Bali the reputation for the ‘friendliest place on earth’...and so it is. Our new 'home away from home'.